Gourmet roasted for the ultimate coffee experience!


Gourmet roasted for the ultimate coffee experience!


Our Papua New Guinea MC* Decaf island Coffee is a delightfully smooth, medium acidity, spicy yet sweet caramel coffee. Papua New Guinea is an island country that lies in the south-western Pacific. It includes the eastern half of New Guinea and many small offshore islands. Its neighbours include Indonesia to the west, Australia to the south and Solomon Islands to the south-east. Our medium roast decaf MC* coffee has a wonderful aroma, body and even better taste for those looking for no caffeine.

decaffeination and how it works!

Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee beans as it is transferred from the plants from which they are picked, but consumers sometimes prefer to enjoy the beverage without experiencing the mild stimulating effects it induces. For instance, they might want to drink a coffee in the evening without being up all night afterwards.

To provide what they want, decaffeination can be carried out in numerous ways, most usually using * Methylene Chloride processing, which is where “MC” Decaf comes from.

This involves using methylene chloride as a solvent to extract caffeine from the raw materials. Firstly, the beans are soaked in water to soften them.

Next, using the direct method, the beans are soaked in MC solution and the resulting solution is siphoned off, taking the caffeine with it and leaving just the coffee product without the caffeine.

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You just can’t be without a good decaf coffee in your home! Because there are just simply irresistible.

Our fresh green beans are decaffeinated before they’re roasted. The nutritional value of decaf coffee should be almost identical to regular coffee, apart from the caffeine content. However, the taste and smell may become a little milder, and the color changes due to
the medium roast method we use.

We use the MC * Decaf process – a method of removing the caffeine from coffee.