The art behind Coffee Roasting in Botswana


The art behind every cup!


With a lot of science that goes into each cup, roasters love their craft and they also want to share it with others. The best way for them to do that is to invest in their client. The most important investment the roaster can make, is to bring people and cultures from around the globe together over a great cup of coffee.

the roasting process

The journey for a perfect cup of coffee, begins with selecting the perfect green bean to roast. Coffee Shops utilizes beans from around the world. The coffee roaster needs to have a good relationship with her supplier, to make sure she only receives the best quality coffee beans.

the science of a perfect roast

Roasting coffee in Botswana is not so simple as throwing a bucket of green coffee beans into a big roasting machine. Letting them swirl around for a bit, then dumping the roasted coffee out and letting them cool down. No, it’s much more than that.

There are many chemical reactions that take places within the time it takes to roast a batch of coffee, and controlling these can be quite difficult. Small changes in air temperature, the humidity, airflow, and time can make dramatic changes to the final cup, so roasters have to be very precise and accurate with their roasting routine and environment.

sampling the roast

To find just the right roasting recipe, coffee shops & roasters often perform a few sample profiles called cupping. They write down the time of roast, temperature of different stages, and other variables to get a close look at what’s happening inside. 


Once the roaster has identified her favorite of the batch, she does it all over again, in order to get the coffee just right before moving to commercial-sized batches to send to her clients.