Gabs Coffee Co’s specialty coffee blends for Cappuccino!


Gabs Coffee Co’s specialty blends for Cappuccino!


Gaborone Coffee has experimented with our state of the art coffee roaster to bring you a unique blend and a unique taste that you cannot find with other mainstream coffee producers. As a result four speciality coffee blends were produced, namely “El Dorado Blend”, “Wakanda Blend”, “Espresso Blend” and our “Decaf Blend”, ideal for cappuccino. Each blend is unique, offering flavours that are indigenous to their regions.

What is a Coffee Blend:

coffee blend is a coffee that is made up of coffee beans originating from more than one place. “Place” here does not mean just different countries. This can mean a very micro-level division of place such as varying altitudes on the same producing farm, or it can mean different regions of the same country or different small areas within the same producing region. From here, as you can guess, coffee blends come in many shapes and forms. From commercial coffee blends found in coffee chains, which is ideal for cappuccino to ‘single origin’ coffees that one assumes are only one type of coffee, the phrase “coffee blend” is all-encompassing, though this is often miscommunicated.


Blending is done for a multitude of reasons, and commercially it can be a strategy by a coffee roaster to create that perfect cup of cappuccino. This might be to meet a certain price point more easily without sacrificing available flavour, or could be to meet specific quantity requirements for their production more easily.

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An aromatic South American with a African bean blend, it is fruity with a spicy aroma with hints of sweet cocoa powder. It has a medium acidity with a creamy body. Therefore taste of roasted walnuts and chocolate will dance in your mouth. As a result a taste special to our brand. Freshly roasted here in Gaborone for your needs.

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Showcasing characteristics typical for African coffee, you can expect a clean delicate flavor, rich body, and vibrant acidity. It has a sweet berry taste, rose floral aroma that is often quite delicate tasting with a pleasant sweet, caramelly aroma and hints of citrus (lemon, orange). The buttery creaminess of the body carries into the aftertaste.

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Our espresso beans were carefully selected by our coffee guru, espresso bean has the ability to handle high pressure of the water being exerted on them, and produce a quality shot. They are great for any other immersion brewing prep method as well.

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You just can’t be without a good decaf coffee in your home! Because there are just simply irresistible.

Our fresh green beans are decaffeinated before they’re roasted. The nutritional value of decaf coffee should be almost identical to regular coffee, apart from the caffeine content. However, the taste and smell may become a little milder, and the color changes due to
the medium roast method we use.

We use the MC * Decaf process – a method of removing the caffeine from coffee.

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