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Welcome to Gaborone Coffee Company in Botswana , the place to be when it comes to coping with the daily grind of everyday life, we will keep you informed on the latest and greatest in the roasting world. We started to do fresh roasting, due to the limitations of finding a “good cuppa joe in Gaborone.

Roasting is a craft, and we saw the potential to bring it to the local market, for the customers that love their different types of coffee “espresso, latte or cappuccino” we have what you are looking for!

Our new formula is in response to demands from our consumers who want something that can tackle dehydration during the daily grind.

We supply four blends that can be made by any barista in a taste that is unique to the coffee shops near you.

We also deliver to lodges, coffee shops and corporate business every day at excellent prices, it is just one of our service to make it more accessible to enjoy our great tasting product.

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Gaborone Coffee Co experimented with different beans to finally come up with our specialty blends and an unique taste that you cannot get with the mainstream producers. As a result we offer four specialty blends, namely our El Dorado, Wakanda, Espresso blends and Decaf. Each blend is unique in its flavor profile to the regions the beans come from.

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WHAT IS A espresso BLEND

There is no difference between espresso beans and coffee beans. The only reason we label these bags as espresso blend, is that we believe this brewing method will make the flavor profile really shine. 

It is a matter of personal taste and preference — make it the way you love it.


The nutritional value of decaf coffee should be almost identical to regular coffee, apart from the caffeine content. This product is packaged in kraft paper bag.